The Shapetape Hype

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

While I love hearing and learning about the next new thing in makeup, I don't like to give into the hype and temptation right off the bat. I'd rather sit back leisurely and watch the hype build up before it all settles back down. That's when I take the plunge on my own. I do that with a lot of things besides makeup. But the hype of the Tarte Shapetape concealer hasn't stopped...which ended in me giving into temptation...and I'm not even sorry about it...even as I roll my eyes at myself again.
Concealer is still a relatively new thing in my makeup routine since I didn't start wearing it religiously until two years ago. Last year I fell in love with the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer in Light Neutral, that gives the complete coverage like it claims, but I ended up layering it with the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in Warm Medium. I use concealer most of the time to cover any imperfections than the under eye, so I'm constantly after the next best thing. 

I switched to the Smashbox Studio Skin concealer a few months ago, in Fair/Light, making it my next go to. My skin was in major repair mode after a harsh summer, so the layering of concealers continued. This formula was more hydrating and covering but once I finished my foundation, I would blend out the Collection Lasting Perfection again for added coverage. 

The Tarte Shapetape concealer takes the cake in coverage now. It's like thick whipped cream in a fat tube, with an even fatter applicator than normal. The applicator is a good concept but unnecessary in my opinion. I feel like if users aren't so great with the whole 'less is more' thing, then they could pack on too much of this concealer and over do it with coverage. 

I dab a sprinkle-sized amount on my individual spots and then two or three swipes over another patch that needs some more TLC than other places. The formula blends out like butter, leaving a smooth, hidden finish behind. This concealer has great long wear like the afore-mentioned ones. A little bit definitely goes a long way, but if the slightest fragrance bothers you, then this concealer might put some off due to its scent. 

If you don't want to give into the hype, or your shade is constantly sold out at the local Ulta, the Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo concealer is a close comparison and a little bit thinner in formula but with the same amount coverage.

I definitely use more concealer than any other product, except maybe mascara, but helps create miracles. It'll continue to have a special place in my collection. 

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