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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Finally, almost three months later, I finally got it all together to tell you my thoughts on Fenty. Honestly, I've been so up in the air about this foundation for myself but on all others, it's a broad spectrum as well. But before we dive too deep into the Fenty Sea (which I imagine glows and glistens softly like Rihanna in everything she does), let me talk a little about what you might not know so far about the OG collection.

First of all, Rihanna partnered up with Sephora, the mega hub of makeup (and more) and also the reason I have a job. This was a brilliant idea and her success has been proven countless times as she launched the biggest beauty brand in freakin' history. I know, I couldn't believe the latter either but then it hit and I ate my words. Everything is soft, polished, and effortless. Truly Rihanna right? The foundation specifically was made to look like skin as Rihanna claims but has a medium-full coverage with soft matte finish, which means that it’s matte but without that cakey, chalky finish.

Her highlighters, both the cream sticks and pressed, are poppin'. Let me pull out every adjective that somehow connects to an actual highlighter here where I stress how these glowy sticks of magic are Trippin' (an actual Shimmer Stick, thank you very much).

I own a Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby, which gives my beloved MAC Soft & Gentle a run for its money. The Mean Money side is a softer pink sheen while Hu$tla Baby brings its A-game with a 'supercharged peachy champagne shimmer' as per Sephora's website. But I couldn't have said it better myself. Hu$tla Baby is uber versatile depending on the brush you use from a soft glowy finish to making your cheekbones so lit and in your face, people will swear you're a lightbulb.

Now to the good stuff...or at least what I'm asked about all the time lately: the foundation. You heard me yammer on above about the coverage and finish but here's my take. First of all, I don't have my right shade, so I mix together shade 120 and 260 to get me somewhere in between. The first couple of times I tried it, I wasn't a fan. The combination of the texture of my skin and the foundation against it resulted in a multi-textured finish across my skin. So I retired Fenty for a while, only talking about it when I needed to.

But in the past few days, I've given it another go and changed a few things to make it work better for me. After a recommendation from a co-worker, I worked a little It Cosmetics CC Cream (in Light) in with my two shades (yes it was a pain like it sounds) and developed another combo to match me. The It Cosmetics CC Cream definitely helped bring some hydration and fluidity to the foundation this time and even contributed to the finish of the shade.

The first day, when I checked my face in the mirror, I found that it had practically evaporated on my nose and I was starting to see my forehead through patches. These didn't bother me as much since my nose is an issue sometimes and I've had the patchy problem before with Fenty. Second day, it was a pain to blend out with my brush and I felt like I put a lot on. Later that day, I noticed I had the patchy issue on my nose again and had to smooth it back out with my finger.

I'm still not wild about this foundation. It's not consistent, it's hard to work with shade wise, and I just don't like it on my skin. Before I go on anymore, if you decide to give the foundation a go, make sure your skin is well hydrated (even if you're oily) and go lighter in shade match than you think since it dries darker.

With the mention of skin, this foundation was made for the oilier of skin out there. Since it’s still a matte foundation, it will cling to any dryness and make it more evident on the surface. I recommend dryer skin types steer clear and oily ones, swing by Sephora and get matched if I’ve peaked your curiosity.

Have you tried Fenty yet? What’s stood out to you? Or what are you going to try now that I’ve rambled on? Best of luck!

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