It's My (Skincare) in a Box

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A skincare routine? In a box? Did Sephora just blow your mind? Did I just make your life easier with this post? Well, I hope it does. 

In honor of a new year and Sephora’s promise to help you achieve new, perfect skin, they released three skincare routine boxes covering the three skin types: Combination (which is sold out on now!), Dry, and Normal. Now these can be a little flexible depending on your skin and other contributing factors. I went for the Combination box, which is full of products I’ve used before and love.

Everything is the perfect sample size but I’ll probably tuck some away for travelling so I can leave my full size products at home.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

This was my perfect cleanser while I was at camp last year. I wanted something ultra gentle, but effective at cleansing my skin when I wasn’t wearing makeup for almost three weeks. It’s great for all skin types and ages. It even works on the eyes, at least from what I’ve heard. I think it’s an easy option for anyone who doesn’t know what they really want and just want to keep it simple.

Son & Park Beauty Water

This was the only product I didn’t have personal experience with but it’s so well loved in my store that I was thrilled to try it myself. I’m always excited to try a product that has a light exfoliation it in because I’m still stuck with texture after treating my skin terribly as a teenager.

The Beauty Water can be used as a toner and light exfoliate thanks to lavender and rosewater extracts to soften and willowbark (good for pores!!) and papaya extract (resurfacer!!) to smooth the skin’s texture. Willowbark is in so many products these days, it’s a godsend for enlarged pores. All these ingredients make me want to put a whole line of tongue emojis in here but not everyone would see it. So just imagine it instead.

Sunday Riley Good Genes

Honestly, this just being in here sold me on the box right away. Good Genes is one of Sunday Riley’s hero products in the form of a lactic acid treatment. This is if you want smoother, glowing skin that makes you look like you just stepped off a runway or a tropical vacation, Good Genes is the way to go. It’s the perfect day/night treatment to help slough off dead skin cells, clear clogged pores, and smooth fine lines.

I’ve enjoyed working this back into my routine especially a year from the first time I used it. My skin’s definitely a lot clearer now but I still have pore issues and texture. The smell of lactic acid did get to me the first time but I know once I start using it more, eventually I won’t notice it at all.

Tatcha The Water Cream 

Honestly if we’re talking about the aesthetics here, all of Tatcha’s stuff would make my Instagram worthy goals in a heartbeat. Everything is designed beautifully and works amazingly. Yaaaas. Okay, done with that.

The Water Cream is up my alley in terms of hydration for my oily skin. For one, it’s a water cream, which is ideal for all of you that are on the oily side. The lighter the better to hydrate but keep excess oil at bay. What makes it different is that Tatcha utilizes it’s gold standard of Japanese ingredients and a handful of botanicals to control oil and hydrate. I just wasn’t fussed the first time I tried it because I didn’t feel hydrated the way I like and it just wasn’t anything special. This one will live in my overflow until I’m travelling or out of moisturizer.

Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment

This is probably like the Taylor Swift of masks in Sephora. It’s the one I love to hate purely because of the hype behind it, but here I am, still using it once in a blue moon to clear out my skin. I hate the hype because I don’t find it that effective and it gets way more attention than it deserves at my store, in my humble opinion.

But it does have a lot going for it, so my respect points just went up a bit for this mask. Featuring a blend of six acids, it really works hard to clear out pores and soak up oiliness for a more even complexion. The activated X-charcoal in it as well lifts away even more dirt and other concerns.

You won’t catch me listening to Reputation like, ever, but I’ll still work my way through this mask when I need to. Also, the price tag is overrated for what it is too. So it’s overhyped, overpriced, and not all it cracks up to be…hmm sound like a familiar blonde singer we all know? *hiss hiss*

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Extra Strength Peel Pads

These sound way more intimidating than they really are. Anything with the word ‘peel’ it in would send any non-skincare lover (and oranges) running away. However, I love these. If you can’t tell by now, anything that promises smoother and more glowing skin, I’m on it. These peel pads are a two step process with almost square gauze-like pads presoaked in an acidic blend to buff away dead skin cells and rough texture to skin. They’re also ideal for oily skin types but if you’re not ready for the big guns yet, start off small with the universal.

I love these for me because I feel like they’ve helped clear my complexion so I have a more even tone to the point where I’ve been breaking out whatever tinted moisturizer I have nearby. You get three (!!) in this box but I plan on investing in the full size once my tax return comes in. They’re a great investment  for someone who wants real results past a weekly mask.

Let me know if you swing by Sephora and pick up one of the three boxes made for your skin type!

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