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Thursday, April 26, 2018

If this blog announcement was happening in real life there would be a parade and end in a party with a lot of confetti and glitter. So just picture that and me in a fabulous party dress popping one of those confetti popsicle shaped things, but nobody better make a Boomerang out of me. New choice.

*throws confetti* At last part one of my blog makeover is complete!! I’m so happy to finally share my new layout with you all! I’ve already stared at it fondly like, five times. I know it might look like an updated version of my old layout and really, it is. But it’s better, cooler, and more organized. *throws more confetti*

Part two is coming soon which will be my new url. This was the hardest part of my blog redo because coming up with a url is like Roadrunner trying to get through a concrete wall. Manageable, but not easy AT ALL. I had the best help in the world from my blogging goddess friend, Francesca, and we finally settled on The Cleansed Review. I wanted to give a heads up that way nobody has a WTF moment or second of terror that my blog has disappeared. But you'll probably be redirected anyways. Technology!!

The Cleansed Review will be the ultimate source to skincare with a touch of makeup and whatever I want to write about. Skincare is my main passion and focus at work but when am I not talking about it outside of my job? Ask any of my friends, family, or coworkers.

Okay, here we go. *throws more confetti* I hope someone is gonna clean this confetti up because I'm surely not.

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