Bad Gal Bang

Friday, May 18, 2018

How do I say that I hate overhyped launches or new products without sounding pretentious? I work at Sephora, where we always have the newest and hottest products from highlighters that can make you glow to the heavens or moisturizers that will fill your skin with hydration like a water balloon. I'm just picky with what I get truly excited about and look forward to.

When Benefit was bringing out a new super secret product, I could only imagine what they could do next and there was plenty they could have done. Honestly, I was underwhelmed when they brought out another mascara. They already had two best sellers, did they really need to bring out another? Well, truthfully, this was a brilliant release that I didn't expect to love. 

Mascara is one of my all time favorite things out of all the make up I own. I have ten at most but at least I don't own 87 lipsticks like a good friend of mine (lols). It's the frosting on the eyes that make up the whole cake...which could be the face...honestly who lets me make so many baking comparisons?!

I'm usually a soft wand kind of gal but Bad Gal Bang is a plastic wand that resembles a comb and the bristles get bigger further down the wand. It promises lifted volume and length that's out of this world. It really does lift my lashes beyond this realm of ordinary mascara wearing standards. I like using it as my first mascara to build length and volume before finishing out with a thickening mascara like Too Faced's Better Than Sex or Charlotte Tilbury's original Legendary Lashes. Mascara is the one thing I go completely OTT with, no shame. 

I definitely consider this a staple in my mascara cup for volume and length whereas other soft wands are better for thickness and curl for that final lift and ultra black lashes. Told you I like to be over the top. My eyebrow girl claims this is going to knock Better Than Sex off its #1 pedestal within Sephora but we'll see. I still think Better Than Sex is the better (lol) option for ticking off every box no matter how many coats I apply. 

Have you tried Bad Gal Bang?? It does sell out here and there still so try to get your hands on it ASAP and come tell me your thoughts, please and thank you. Next up, Benefit acutally bring out a new innovative product (and not another version of The Porefessional). 

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