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Friday, May 29, 2020

The ones you absolutely need in your life. No questions asked. Thank me later.

However, I also love questions so enjoy reading the following textual Ted Talk about four of my favorite oils of all time that compliment my routine and will be a god send in yours!!

Facial oils are awesome. There's so many skincare benefits inside those little glass bottles like plant oils, nut oils, antioxidants, fatty acids, etc. They're great for all skin types, especially oily skin! Oil can break down excess oil and nourish the skin, resulting in a clearer, less oily complexion. The four I chose are also super makeup friendly, giving you the chance to enjoy them in the AM under your foundation! Go ahead and open up your wallets folks, because you're about to make another purchase.

These oils will probably all seem like the same thing but they're all different. Like in Cheaper by the Dozen, there were 12 kids but they were all different! Those 12 kids shared the same two parents just like all these oils share similar ingredients but their textures and purposes vary.

Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow Oil

This little bottle of orange goodness lives currently in my drawer. I like to drop 2-3 drops in my moisturizer in the AM for an extra boost of glow and antioxidant goodness into my skincare routine before I do my makeup. Like Sunday Riley's oils, C.E.O is a dry oil, which means it dries quickly without leaving a greasy residue. I love to look like an oily grease ball before bed, but not before I coverage my face in my full coverage foundation. This fine oil brightens thanks to the Vitamin C inside along with turmeric to calm and even out skin's texture, Evening Primrose oil and other superfoods like Red Raspberry. Just don't try to put it in your smoothie, it doesn't work like that.

I own the small size of this one because I purchased an Allure Beauty Box one month where this was the full size (!!) gift along with a baby size of Sunday Riley's A+ Retinol before they both hit the shelves of Sephora. The Allure Beauty Box is the best subscription box, hands down.

Go-To Face Hero 

I already babbled about this oil over in this blog post but it fits in comfortably here with it's oily cousins. It's a beautiful, underrated oil that I love to recommend to anyone with acne issues, problematic skin, or congested skin. Meaning, if you experience break outs frequently, your skin feels heavy or dull, head to Go-To. This oil also has Evening Primrose oil along with Buriti oil, which helps in calming down the skin's appearance. It's full of other antioxidants and hydrators to make your skin look and feel happier in days.

Go-To even recommends using it before foundation but it's a bit too heavy for me in the AM, so instead I layer it over my moisturizer, mix it with my moisturizer, or apply it before my favorite Youth to the People Dream mask for the ultimate hydrating, brightening cocktail before bed. Yum.

Kora Organics Noni Glow Face Oil 

If you've ever wanted to hold a piece of luxury and metaphorical gold in a bottle, go pick up this oil. Literally, some Sephoras are open now! This oil is one of the finest oils I've ever experienced, even next to the others in this post. Miranda Kerr made this oil with its signature Noni Fruit Extract to renew skin's appearance and restore the glow. It also uses Sea Buckthorn Oil, which is basically an oil that works like a Vitamin C. It's a fab ingredient I don't see enough of in the skincare world.

This oil is not only the embodiment of Miranda Kerr in a bottle (meaning, fabulous), it's a wonder for smoothing texture, rehydrating dehydrated skin, and works beautifully under makeup. Seriously, I've thrown this into my co-worker's baskets before makeovers countless times. It also helps that a lot of my coworkers use this in their personal routines too. Win, win.

Youth to the People Superberry Hydrate + Glow Oil 

One of my favorite brands struck gold when they made what I think is one of their best selling products. This juicy oil has cold pressed ingredients, just like all their other products, which makes me think of an over priced juice I could buy from some fancy juicery and really feel like a fitness influencer. But I'm not gonna do any of that. I'll just slather my face in this antioxidant oil instead.

Superberry is one of those do it all oils too. It's light weight enough to mix with moisturizer or foundation and sits beautifully underneath makeup too. It's also my go to recommendation for men's facial hair after my friend and rep from YTTP let me in on the secret of this oil. Now your boyfriend can have smooth facial hair too! Acai, Goji berry, and Prickly Pear extract make this a unique blend of antioxidants, hydration, and irritation reducer.

I'd recommend any and all of these under makeup and at nighttime. Your skin would benefit from any of them too because of they're so rich in antioxidants and other skin loving ingredients. They'll hydrate and compliment any other products you mix or layer them with. I would say Noni Glow oil is the lightest in weight, followed by C.E.O. Glow, Superberry, and lastly, Face Hero. I've owned all of these at different periods and they've all lasted at least a year, if not longer, no matter how often I use them, which I'd say makes them a worthy investment!

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