Moisturizers: Oily Skin Edition

Friday, June 8, 2018

One of the biggest conspiracies I found about being an oily skin type was that I didn’t need to moisturize my face. I was oily, clearly I didn’t need to hydrate. Wrong! Being oily is truly an imbalance of the skin’s equilibrium where it’s produced too much oil as a result of trying to hydrate itself. Since I stopped being ignorant and using moisturizer (in addition to other products I worked in), my skin has moved from a greasy landing strip to just a touch of shine on my nose (unfortunately not in the glowy, highlighter way).

If I’m introducing anyone to skincare and they’ve got that wide-eyed look on their face, I only stress the two things I want them to use: a face wash and a moisturizer. For the love of God, I don’t care if you don’t use five products like I do. I can sleep happily at night as long as I know the people I help are washing their faces and slapping on some moisturizer before moving on with their lives. Get those two down, then come back and I’ll add on more.

I tried to keep it easy and straightforward with my favorite moisturizers but honestly, they’re all different...except for maybe the underlying pink theme.

Sunday Riley Tidal Water Cream ($65)

This was, like, the OG moisturizer I used when I first started at Sephora. I used it forever and loved it, so I was ecstatic to finally get in my hands for real. Are we really surprised a Sunday Riley product is in here? No, me either.

Tidal gives my skin that perfect amount of hydration, thanks to some powerful forms of hyaluronic acid. I talk about hyaluronic acid so much that I should name a child after it. Tidal also helps with the discoloration I have from acne scarring and other unevenness thanks to the tiny Pacman in the Papaya enzymes. It’s the moisturizer that does the job and then stays two hours extra to get ahead.

First Aid Beauty Coconut Water Cream ($34)

About half the price of Tidal, it channels those millennial vibes of young, fun, and effective skincare. Also the packaging is pink people!

It’s one of those that feels ultra lightweight but like a hearty glass of water for the skin. Packed inside the lil jar is electrolyte goodness and all the benefits of coconut water without actually drinking it. It pairs well with makeup, thanks to an oil-free formulation that gives the skin a matte finish. Score.

Herbivore Pink Cloud ($48)

This moisturizer finally descended from heaven after such a loooong wait in store. Soz I’m a touch and feel kind of gal, I can’t order things willy nilly fam. Everything Herbivore makes is a blessing in a jar and Pink Cloud is the ultimate Blessing with a capital B because it has aloe as its first ingredient, so it’s ready to calm things down straight away. It’s also suitable for any and all skin types and leave the complexion with that subtle, dewy look that everyone lowkey wants but isn’t quite sure how to get.

I loved trying this moisturizer. I would highly consider buying it at some point because my skin felt like it was being caressed by the rosewater inside. My face felt so soft and hydrated. Makes you want to say aaaaahhh.

Glow Recipe Pink Juice Moisturizer ($39)

Testing out this moisturizer made me have one of those moments where I was like ‘Um, where did it go?’ This pastel bubblegum pink moisturizer falls on the lightest end of the spectrum in terms of consistency. Normally I don’t like the quick absorbing factor but after using this one for a few weeks (as my daytime moisturizer!!), I was really happy with how my skin looked and felt.

The main star of this glowy Jolly Rancher scented moisturizer is watermelon. Watermelon you say? Yes! Packed with hydration and antioxidants! I love the smell of it, it’s even in the Sleeping Mask too! The pump design makes it more easy to use the right amount every single time and cut down on germy fingers (yes, we all got ‘em).

I love this for the scent, the pump, oh, and it’s pink!

Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream ($68)

Oh the new holy grail in moisturizers has arrived. Think of this adorable yet high brow sounding moisturizer as a protein smoothie for the face (soz, I didn’t come up with that, the HBIC Tiffany Masterson did that). It’s the best cream for repairing and replenishing your skin to enhance a better and more glowing tone and texture. FYI, in case you didn’t pay attention in Biology class the first time (like me), your body makes proteins which are made of polypeptides. Amazing, I know.

I love the scent and feel of this baby. It’s lightweight and has that faint scent that you could almost miss if you weren’t sniffing for it. On first try I loved applying Protini because my skin felt softer and more hydrated immediately after.

The packaging of all Drunk Elephant products is truly brilliant because you get the right amount every single time. Especially with Protini. One pump is enough for the face...unless you’re dry as sandpaper. Then I guess you could kick it up to two pumps. If not, cherish this jar of gold ‘cos it’s expensive. I’m not a fan of the price, in fact I think it’s a bit steep to ask for a moisturizer but when you break down how many polypeptides are stuffed into this, I guess it makes sense *shrugs*

There you have it! The cream of the crop in my eyes of moisturizers. The holy grails I hold near and dear to my heart (and slather them on my face). I’ve got some honorable mentions that I won’t divulge into too deep because we’re so well hydrated around here we might as well be swimming in a pool right now.

Belif’s Aquabomb gets all the heart eyes for the water balloon like explosion of hydration in the skin. It smells delightful, but subtle. If you don’t know where to turn, pick up this baby and prepare to sing like there’s no tomorrow. Ole Henriksen doesn’t mess around with a greasy frying pan of a complexion with his Counter Balance Oil Control Hydrator. Chock full of AHAs like Glycolic and Lactic Acid, this helps remove dead skin cells and smooth the complexion. It still hydrates while mattifying and even ensures the wear of foundation up to an extra 8 hours –score. This one isn’t for anyone who hasn’t dabbled with acids yet, so take it easy on that sweet face of yours before hitting this up.

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