What I Bring to the Beach: Skin Edition

Friday, June 29, 2018

Sometimes going to the beach means finding every item you think you might possibly need on that barren landscape we call the sand. I’m like a frantic mother trying to scramble around and gather everything before I jet out the door. Why am I like this? Going to the beach and doing nothing should be painless. And yet I need all the snacks, water, and sunscreen I can get once I’m out there. But now I’m a smarter version of myself with a stacked skincare collection and more ready than ever to get sand EVERYWHERE...but at least I can avoid a sunburn.

Supergoop Super Power Sunscreen Mousse SPF 50

First of all, SPF 50? Did I even want a tan? Relax I still tan even with this slathered on. Sorry, I’m going to the beach to tan because I’m too lazy to maintain fake tanners and also tanning beds are home to bacteria and really gross. All sunscreens are the same to me. As long as they protect my skin and feel okay when they’re applied, I’m pleased as punch.

This Supergoop one is super cool because it’s a body moisturizer and sunscreen in one. It’s also formulated as a mousse which I find absorbs quickly but is also so lightweight that I can lose track of it if I’m not careful. The bottle can also be super slippery once I’m halfway into lathering up. Other perks are the antioxidants inside and water resistant properties. It even has a travel size available!

Korres Yoghurt Nourishing Fluid Veil Face Sunscreen SPF 30

There’s sunscreen then there’s this elevated, ‘yeah that’s right, I’m better than you’ sunscreen from Greek skincare brand, Korres. Korres loves to make the most of yogurt in their products because they’re so rich in probiotics (same as what you put in your body, but great for the skin too). I tried this out for the first time I went to the beach with one of my friends. I automatically loved how lightweight this felt, making it a great choice for a moisturizing sunscreen in the summer. It smells great from the ingredients inside, think less sunscreen smell and more of a fresh scent.

It claims it ‘wears beautifully under makeup’ but I’ll have to take their word for it until I try it myself. I’ll continue to use this Korres one for the fluid-like feel, smell, and the other ingredient bonuses within.

Milk Makeup Cooling Water

If you’ve ever looked at this bright blue stick and thought ‘what the hell is this?’ I wouldn’t blame you. When I first saw it years ago, my first thought was ‘Um, how can a stick be hydrating?’ Fear not, I’ve leveled up in the skincare world (in case you couldn’t tell) and now I recommend this to all.

I truly use this when I’m out in the sun or just need a cool down on my skin after being in the swamp that we live in here in Charleston. Yeah, welcome to summer. It’s great on the pulse points and temples to jumpstart a cool down. I liked to use it on my arms where I bear resemblance to a strawberry...oops. But I slathered some Cooling Water on before I went to bed and by morning my skin looked tanner and way less pink. It feels slightly sticky like a true gel upon application but the sticky feeling doesn’t stay long.

You can also use this under the eyes for a quick depuff thanks to the caffeine inside! Sea Water also makes up most of this tranquil water stick along with some aloe. Que all the calming effects...now.

Caudalie Grape Water 

What can’t I say about this bonafide water from grapes in a can? It’s just that. And yet, it’s soooo much more. Think of that episode of Spongebob where Spongebob and Patrick play in the box and Squidward just can’t figure out what’s so great about a box. Use this Grape Water, and then you’ll understand the beauty and hype.

Other than simplicity (again, it’s just water from grapes), it also promises to increase hydration in the skin (face AND body) by 127%. Cool percentage right? This is a go to for those days where you’ve been outside just a little too long and drinking water isn’t enough. Mist this on that pretty face of yours and maybe even your arms and legs while you’re at it! Wow, I’m instantly soothed and cooled down.

This is also that moisturizer you need between fake tanning because heaven forbid you use a lotion with oil. Grape Water will give your skin that perfect hydration it needs to make your tanner go on smoothly and stay on perfectly. Grape Water is the solution for so many needs that you just have to discover for yourself!

NARS Orgasm Afterglow Lip Balm

Oh yeah, I broke out this shiny pink square tube on one of my first days at the beach this summer. Mostly because I almost stepped on the Sephora box it came in when I left my house. Squalane’s one of the first ingredients, so the hydration and nourishment is legit. Jojoba oil pops up later in the ingredient list along with monoi oil.

While I get that ample hydration on the lips, a hint of that iconic orgasm peachy-pink shimmer comes through that makes you wonder if I have anything on or is that my natural lip color? Others will have to find out for themselves while you can buy this balm here or wait until it hits stores at the beginning of July.

These are my staple beach and sun products that I toss in my extra large Glossier bag in my hurry to get out the door and into the sun! They all work together beautifully and don’t mind a little sand creeping in after a day at the beach. A highlight story might pop up on my Instagram soon with more tips n’ tricks from me about these products! I’ll just stress one more time about how they’re so worth your money...and they’ll help you earn some more loyalty points wherever you buy them.

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