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Friday, August 31, 2018

In the Youtuber version of my life, I’d be able to make updated beauty and skincare routine videos at the drop of a hat because of all the press boxes I’d probably be sent. Not that I’m complaining about my current status with my job now. I would NEVER complain, I am the most blessed with my job. ANYWAYS, I do try a lot of different things but I also keep my skincare and makeup routines pretty consistent when it comes to using the same essential products to make me, well, me. I change up my makeup but I do continue to grab the same things time after time.

Easiest way to tell you about my glamorous and eventful routine of putting on my makeup is to start from the beginning. *but first imagine that something sophisticated like Phineas & Ferb or The Office is on in the background* Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer is the first thing I put on my face everytime. I always do my eyes first because I don’t have time (or patience) to touch up my concealer if there’s any eyeshadow fall out along the way. So eyes first, Shadow Insurance promises 24 hour wear and boy, does it really follow through!! I also love the creamy consistency compared to the tacky feel of Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. Once that’s all over my lids and on my brow bones, I reach for whatever I’m feeling that day, weekly it’s Too Faced’s Peach Palette or Charlotte Tilbury’s Golden Goddess eyeshadow quad. The former is make up of all the peachy tones of my dreams to the point where I’ve hit pan in multiple shades. The Golden Goddess is the perfect, everyday smokey special with the signature sparkly pop shade on the eyes. Yes, yes, yes.

For eyeliner, I always go for a liquid. I hop between Stila’s Stay All Day or Kat Von D Tattoo liner. Both are fab in my book but main difference is Stila’s a felt tip and Kat’s is more of a plastic brush. Do whatever feels best for you, that’s my best advice when it comes to the two. I used to do mascara right after but now I do it as one of my last things, usually after my concealer and before contouring. We all know how I feel about mascara, it’s still coming with me if I’m ever forced to go to a desert island. I’m still reaching for Benefit’s Bad Gal Bang (read about this baby here), Milk’s Kush (read more here), and Tarte Lights Camera Lashes. I try to change it up but it honestly depends on my mood and eye look of the day. Am I a little OTT about mascara? Probably.

Complexion wise, in a pinch I reach for Lancome’s Teint Idole for that perfect match, long wear, and finish every single time. It’s such a no brainer foundation that looks like skin. Luckily I was blessed with good genes that don’t cause me to have any dark circles so a powerful concealer isn’t a requirement in my arsenal. Simply put, I almost always grab Collection’s concealer in Cool Medium for great coverage and wear. Sadly it’s from England but I’ve got friends (okay, one friend) across the pond to make sure I’ll never run out. But before these touch my face, I’m a diehard believer in a good primer. I literally recoil at the thought of not putting on primer before foundation. OTT again, I know. For that soft focus, healthy looking complexion, I go for Becca’s First Light primer. The purple undertone warms up my skin in that good way that makes me feel better about any lack of sleep or long day ahead. I’ve also started to prime my nose with Too Faced’s Peach Perfect Soft Matte primer since that’s the oiliest area of my face. It’ll make any foundation stay on my nose for good.

I almost always, always contour out my cheekbones every day and when I do, it’s either the contour shade from Charlotte Tilbury’s Bronze & Glow or Burberry’s Natural Glow blush in Dark Earthly No. 11. Both give that perfect contoured look without being too bronzy or too five o'clock shadow. I always try to wear blush too because at this point, my face looks flat and boring without a little pop of color. Even a pop of color can be a safe shade like Tarte’s Exposed, it’s easy and a no brainer. Simple as that. My favorite step after all this is the highlighting, of course. I love to make myself look like a lightbulb and I almost always wear the glow side of Charlotte Tilbury’s Bronze & Glow palette. It’s the perfect highlighter that I’m convinced no one can replicate. MAC Soft & Gentle still holds a place in my heart, like a first boyfriend, but I’m head over heels with anything I can put on my face with Charlotte Tilbury right now.

By the end of this, mascara is going on before I finally set my face and call it a day at the makeup table. Or as my mom calls it, the Sephora mini mart. I rarely set with a powder but if I do, I target my Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder on my nose, chin, and forehead. However, I consistently set my face with Kat Von D’s Lock It setting spray. Super easy to use, it sets each and every foundation I own perfectly and ensures that long wear I like to see. It doesn’t help with humidity at all but what can you expect living in Charleston.

Are you tired now? Believe it or not but I can get all of this done in twenty minutes if I’m fast. Any other time, it can be stretched into a forty minute process including me getting through a couple episodes of The Office (told you) or a good Youtube video. Putting on my makeup everyday is fun, I still enjoy it and picking out what I’m going to do every day. I rarely get into a rut because I like to change it up, especially with my eye makeup more than anything. It’s something I still enjoy and don’t see myself every getting tired of getting ready (almost) every day.

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  1. Stoppppp. You're making me want to try Charlotte Tilbury even more!


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