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Friday, December 28, 2018

Wow another post about Sunday Riley! Here we are not surprised in the slightest! However, I wanted to spill the metaphorical tea about her one and only eye cream with amazing intentions and typical cheeky and creative name: Autocorrect. Promoted as a brightening and depuffing eye cream, Sunday aimed to target all those pesky eye concerns that plague our delicate eye areas, making us look about ten years older or just down write crepey (if you don’t know what I mean, then you’re too young to be here).

This eye cream is one to start your eye preservation journey. Nope, in my humble opinion, it’s the one where those pretty eyes of yours have seen some things and need to be nurtured back to health. Caffeine and Brazilian ginseng root extract wake up tired or fatigued eyes and help reduce puffiness. Ginseng also pops up in Origins popular GinZing eye cream and if you’ve used that eons ago, think of Autocorrect as a step way up.

Horse Chestnut helps with those pesky little crow’s feet and expression lines, aiming to soften the look of them and prevent any further expression lines. Horse Chestnut also pops up in Drunk Elephant’s TLC Night Serum if that rings any bells. Lutein brings up the rear with its hearty antioxidant properties to help preserve and protect any other nearing eye issues. You know me, I gotta tie in some antioxidants!

Autocorrect has everything you could possibly want, even the hydration form Jojoba and Cocoa butter. What it doesn’t have? Reasonable packaging.

I greatly dislike the packaging. I started to type ‘hate’ but then my mother was suddenly in my ear telling me how strong of a word ‘hate’ is. Sorry Mom, I redacted and edited myself.

Even though Sunday Riley made Autocorrect in its packaging in order to keep those golden ingredients as fresh as possible on the shelves of Sephora and other retailers. It’s a great concept but once you reach the bottom or at least 25% of Autocorrect, the pump is useless. It can’t get anything out of the bag inside that seals all the ingredients in. When I reach this point, I get into a fierce wrestling match with the pump-bag contraption where I end up cutting open the stupid thing and scooping and scraping out every bit I can (documented on my story one night- you can see it on my Instagram).

I love Sunday Riley, if that wasn’t obvious based off any previous posts, I just wish there was a better packaging design for Autocorrect!!

Thank you for tuning in, I’ll see you next week!

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