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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Ah I really could have a thread of mascara posts every week because I always have 5 or 6 on rotation. But mascara is one of my favorite makeup products and has been forever. Rarely do I go with just one when I have the options to layer and build up my lashes for maximum drama and avoiding false lashes all together. I don’t trust myself to put those things on myself. All of my mascaras vary with what they do and one of the most natural in my assortment is from Glossier. I didn’t know if Lashslick was for me when it came out but eventually I caved and figured I could layer it if need be. But now that I’ve been through my first one and a second one waiting, I feel confident enough to say that I love this mascara.

It’s the most natural mascara I own but with 6 or so coats, I can really build the length and volume before popping another mascara over it. It rarely smudges under my eye which makes it a great go to for me on long make up wearing days. I even wore this when I worked at my summer camp for ten days because I still like to wear something while I’m there.

It has a plastic wand that went through thousands of trials per Glossier. I’m usually not a plastic wand kind of gal but this one is different because it’s comb-like but it grips every lash to really pull them up and out. The only other plastic wand mascara I like is Bad Gal Bang from Benefit, for similar reasons. Lashslick is definitely more natural and its lasted forever. I don’t just throw away mascaras after three months. That’s wasteful and expensive, especially when I’m a chronic mascara rotator.

I can see Lashslick sticking around in my mascara cup because it’s a great staple mascara for those natural, minimal days or building up my lashes so they can touch my eyebrows. You think I’m joking but you haven’t seen me put on mascara.

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