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Friday, October 11, 2019

I've decided to start a new lil' section of my blog dedicated to foundations! Foundations make up a large section of my makeup collection but there's also so many out there and I only have one face. That being said, I've acquired a lot and decided to solely work through one foundation at a time (mostly) before opening another. Yeehaw.

Also foundation is the company focus for Sephora for the second year in a row because women are still on the hunt for the perfect one. Or they're like me and own six different ones because we don't always have to do the same look every day, right? Right.

Cover FX, firstly, is such an underrated brand. Lil' backstory: the creator of MAC started this brand and it's one of the ONLY makeup brands that's Clean at Sephora (!!). Power Play is an underrated foundation that's perfect for everyone. It gives such amazing medium coverage from the git-go but I've found I can build it up to a full or add extra coverage where I need it. I rarely spot conceal with concealer so I appreciate a foundation that I can do that with.

Power Play promises to be waterproof, sweat proof, and transfer-proof but as we all know, living in Charleston is similar to living in a swamp. Living in the summer heat (i.e. humidity) really causes me to put any and all foundations to the test. Marc Jacobs Shameless didn't make the cut. It belongs in the Winter foundation category in my world. However, I remember wearing Power Play one day and I walked from class to work, a sweaty glamorous mess, but when I blotted the sweat away, only a tiny amount of foundation came with it but my coverage wasn't disturbed. So I trust and believe that this is pretty humidity proof.

Power Play is a safe go-to option for buildable medium coverage. It applies best with a sponge and not a brush for me. Always use a sponge. It also pairs well with just about any primer and mixes well with any other Luminous Silk or Light Wonder...because I've done that multiple times lol.

I wear N30

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