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Friday, March 13, 2020

You might be wondering why do you need a facial mist? What's a facial mist? Why should you buy another product you think you need? Well, that's why I'm here. You probably don't need one but after reading this post, and hopefully learning more, you may change your tune. Or this post might have you adding on another mist to your already growing collection of mists and other skincare products. As always, you're welcome.

I find facial mists to be a great add on in routines for extra hydration. I always believe in the more hydration the better, especially after doing a peel, a mask, or before serums and moisturizers. These mists are typically fine concentrations of ingredients that will give your skin an added boost of hydration with other benefits inside. 

Glow Recipe followed the antioxidant-rich watermelon trend when they added their super fine glow mist to their assortment. Made up of mostly watermelon, there's also hyaluronic acid to hydrate and small amounts of gradual exfoliators like hibiscus and apple cider vinegar. I quite literally drench my face in this mist to the point where I can see the tiny droplets all over my face. This is a great choice for hydration but also to help smooth texture. 

This multi mist is one of my few favorites from Murad. There's nothing this one can't do whether you're looking for a makeup friendly mist to prime and/or set, tone the skin after cleansing, or boost hydration between steps. Niacinamide leads the ingredient list with amino acids and proteins holding up the rear. This is more of a milky consistency that's still lightweight and feels refreshing on the skin. I adore the whole hydration line from Murad and this is a great addition! 

One of the most popular and probably most recognized is the Beauty Elixir from Caudalie. It's been dubbed as a "spa in a bottle" for a long time and I completely agree. The balm mint inside gives the mist that pick me up that you probably didn't know you wanted or needed! Caudalie is v plant-based, goes with the Earth and the blend of plant oils floating at the top do that philosophy justice. Beauty Elixir is able to do it all, like we're in some info-mercial. It can tone after cleansing, refresh skin with makeup on or off, moisturize during the day or between skincare steps, and even set your makeup. It gets well loved at my job but it's not my first choice. I tend to go against the grain and seek out other products but I adore this french brand and the many uses behind Beauty Elixir. 

The last one comes from a brand I think is super underrated. Korres originated in Greece and Sephora carries a small amount of their products. It doesn't look like the brand makes this mist anymore but it was such a great option for hydration and for many uses like all those before it.

Facial mists could fall into the 'princess product' territory but who cares when it makes your skin feel better?? I love having one on hand for a multitude of reasons, which I've clearly illustrated up above. Another favorite comes from a brand I throw all biases at: Youth to the People's Adaptogen mist is one of the finest mists on the market and full of moisture barrier restoring adaptogens (read: mushrooms), peptides, and more hydration!! Wow!! 

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