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Sunday, March 29, 2020

With my palette drawer running out of room, it only made sense for me to add two more to it...last year. I made my wise (okay, maybe not so wise) investments last year but I'm writing a review now to share how glad I am that I made them. Usually there's a thought process behind my palette investments but sometimes...I just can't resist. 

Ever since Too Faced redid their Natural Eyes and Face palettes last year, I fell in love with the Natural Face palette. I would use it at work all the time to finish off my face. Luckily I didn't own anything else like it at home! While it was on sale at work, also in the midst of a hurricane, I ordered this palette and gave it a home in my drawer. Smelling faintly of coconuts, this palette has two highlighters, a bronzer, and three blushes. At least that's what I say, the Sephora website begs to differ. 

All of these powders are super pigmented so it only takes a little to build up color on the cheeks, highlight the high points, and bronze like I'd been on the beach all day. I have found that the highlights, Satin Sheets and Starlight, are a bit too intense for my skin tone but on darker ones? There will be nothing but the glow. Pink Sands and Tropic Like its Hot are two of my favorite blushes ever but also amazing worn alone or mixed together with the other powders in the palette. Sunny Honey, the bronzer, is on the warmer red undertone side, unlike any other bronzer I own. 

NARS Afterglow Palette falls under the 'Katie Jane Hughes' made me do it. I saw her use this a week or so before the palette dropped right before Christmas. The pops of oranges, pinks, and browns inside ticked all my boxes of what I love to wear most. Afterglow has a perfect balance of mattes, shimmers, and glitters to justify the investment. I've gotten a lot of use out of this palette since I bought it in December. Anna even used it after being influenced by Katie Jane Hughes too and I loved what she did with it! 

Afterglow is a limited edition eye palette, like most of NARS' are, but the Natural Face is permanent. I love both of them and would recommend them to anyone looking for great palettes with a lot of selection, great pigmentation, and look really pretty in their collection (need I say more?).  

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