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Friday, April 10, 2020

I've never been fussed to own lip liners. When Kylie launched her lip kits, I didn't see the point of a lip liner going with a liquid lipstick. However, I was given Charlotte Tilbury's Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk for my birthday one year and I suddenly understood why this pencil started a movement and a growing collection from Charlotte herself. The Matte Revolution lipstick itself is one of my favorite lipsticks in the world and the matching blush is one I reach for almost daily. There's nothing Charlotte can't do, in my opinion!

Let's talk lip products...because Charlotte continues to expand this area with more products and reasons to take all my money. The Matte Revolution lipstick in Pillow Talk (in case you weren't sure what I was talking about here) was the first lip product I bought from CT and I've had three more since I bought my first back in 2017. It's the perfect pinky nude shade for me and goes with every look. The formula is super smooth, non-drying and smells faintly of vanilla.

The Lip Cheat liner is probably one of the most versatile lip liners. It also works beautifully as a base before layering lip gloss on top. Charlotte also expanded the shades of the Pillow Talk lip cheat so now there's a medium and an intense for varying skin tones. I don't use it that often but I love owning it. Charlotte also went in a more glossy, hydrating route with Superstar Lips. I wear this one on lighter makeup days when I want a touch of color.

My advice is to build both of them up, they're not enough with one swipe...unless that's your taste.

Charlotte's eyeshadow quads were one of the first purchases I ever made and with such success, she adapted the Pillow Talk concept into one of her Luxury Eyeshadow Palettes. I don't own this one but I've used it. It's great for a warm neutral, especially for an every day look! The pop shade is probably the worst out of all the quads but I have no regrets buying the Luxury Eyeshadow quad in Pillow Talk of Pops, an all pop shade quad. In varying shades of pinky hues, I love popping this on my lids with my fingers for a bit of warmth and sparkle. Her pop shades are what makes Charlotte so unique and iconic because you'll be hard pressed to find a texture and finish like these. Just typing this makes me want to smudge the pop shades all over my eyes.

I wear blush daily. Blush is one of the first things that dissipates off my face so I'm always game for over applying it before I leave the house. I hate catching my reflection and seeing a lack of color on my cheeks! When Charlotte debuted a Cheek to Chic in Pillow Talk, I was all over it. I already owned Ecstasy, which is pinker and brighter and after the tragic accident of my Tarte Exposed blush shattering, I was missing a neutral every day blush. Now, I wear the Cheek to Chic in Pillow Talk almost daily. It's the right amount of color and radiance without being too much or too little.

Tip, don't judge the color based off Sephora's website. It looks nothing like that. Take it from Charlotte's website...and order it while you're there!

Charlotte also has a lip gloss in this shade, which I don't need but have worn and it's just as perfect as its Pillow Talk sisters. There's also a bigger eyeshadow palette, that again, I don't need, but I recommend it to any one looking for a collection of warm pinky hues for day to night. Seriously, pink tones look good on EVERYONE. There's an eyeliner too that's lush but I'm a die hard black liquid liner girl. She also added a Pillow Talk shade to her Collagen Lip Baths but it's not at Sephora yet, but since I'm such a patient person, I can wait. The newest additions to the Pillow Talk family are the Beauty Light Wands. They look divine but after buying Peachgasm, which barely shows up on me, I hesitate to invest in either.

I've fallen in love with everything I've ever gotten from Charlotte Tilbury. I've found that I love her eye quads for every day looks because they're everything I need in one little quad. If you need help justifying the price, message me on Instagram and I will happily convince you as to why you need all of them in your life!

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