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Friday, April 24, 2020

When I was beginning to navigate the world of high end makeup, Dior wasn't one that jumped out at me. I didn't see the appeal...I also figured that Dior should stick to what they knew...fashion. All I knew at the time was eyeshadows from MAC and foundation from Chanel! At one point I didn't own one lipstick. Can you believe how far I've come? From working at Sephora, my eyes have opened up to the great beyond of everything the mothership has to offer. More recently, Dior launched their Backstage line, a collection of makeup that performs best backstage at fashion shows and on the go. I love the simplicity and versatility, and best of all...the affordability! I've dabbled in all the products but I've come to own some that have also earned their permanent place in my collection.

I'm a primer kind of girl, we all know this after this post. I can't start my foundation without one or else I would assume what is the Kill Bill siren would go off (I wouldn't know, I've never seen Kill Bill). Dior Backstage Face & Body Primer smooths and mattifies pre-foundation more than I expected. It smooths less than Fenty and mattifies less than the Too Faced Peach one, two primers I know v v well. 

The Face & Body Foundation is equally up my street because it's super buildable and gives me that perfect coverage that sits somewhere between medium and full. I like my skin to look smooth but I want to cover my pores and any redness in my cheek areas. It claims to be waterproof and sweat-proof which I plan to test as soon as the temps start to hit the 80's and presumably stay there in this swamp that I live in. This is the best foundation for easy coverage and longwear without being too fussy to blend. 

Okay, okay....okay now the palettes in the Backstage line are some of the best things in this whole world. You might bitch and moan that they seem cheap because they're made out of plastic but hello...we're here for practicality and durability for being backstage at all those fashion shows we don't go to! The packaging of these are actually very practical and needed more than you would think because women often want smaller eyeshadow palettes that still offer color options without being as long as a baguette, which like, same. 

I gifted my mom the Amber Neutrals for Christmas last year because we both wear the same warm toned colors on our eyes. I love all the tones in here because there's a good selection of oranges and reds and the mattes outnumber the shimmers. I love the other eye palettes and I'd recommend them for anyone who wants a good basic eyeshadow palette that's all in one. My one compliant is the primer square in each palette. It's in there to fit the all in one aspect so it's one less product backstage at those fashion shows we don't go to....but I would prefer it to not be in there. Oh well. 

Okay while trying to contain myself, I wanted to stress how much I LOVE the face palettes from the Backstage line. They're brilliant because of multiple options in small packaging so you'll own them forever and own less actual products (or maybe not, if you're a Rouge at Sephora like me). If there was one thing I would buy if I was to leave Sephora, it would be these palettes. There's two highlight palettes and a contour one, which I own now. I want both of the highlighting ones one day because they're so glowy with the perfect amount of that pop that comes from a shimmery highlight. They even mix together really well. 

I love the contour palette because of the range of shades so I get more options of how contoured I want to be day to day. I often am contoured enough to be seen from across the room, or at least I like to be that way. This palette has neutral undertones that places my contour perfectly between five o'clock shadow and warmed up like a bronzer. 

I've grown and converted over to Dior Backstage because clearly they've made products that suit my usual makeup routine. I love the travel friendly packaging and size of everything. Size really makes a difference when it comes to traveling and storage at home. I love that there's more of a younger feel to this line whereas I still don't feel mature enough to frequently use Dior itself. I wish I liked Airflash more but I find it's overhyped. The Dior Skin Glow foundation however...especially when my friend/former co-worker mixed it with Lancome Teint Idole, perfection! The mother herself, Pat McGrath, made Diorshow mascara modeled after a toothbrush and it's still that One mascara for excessive length and volume. While I think the Lip Maximizers' wands are too tiny, I love the size and feel of the Lip Oils, one of Dior's newest releases. These lip oils remind me of the OG Clarins ones but these are way more fun. 

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