The Masks to Smooth Skin's Texture

Friday, May 1, 2020

Let me introduce you to two of my favorite masks of all time! They may look similar but it's what's on the inside that makes them different (and worth every single penny)! It takes a lot for a mask to make it into the 'greatest of all time' category but the results that I've gotten from these two earned them their spots.

What makes both of these masks unique is that they're chemical exfoliators. They may look like blue liquid that may have one thinking, "why would I buy blue liquid to put on my face?" Because of the invisible exfoliators in each of them, they have more of a smooth texture that eats up texture and buffs away any and all discoloration. I love to use these on any problematic areas or from forehead to chin for a good, hearty clean up. I'd recommend twice a week depending on the problematic level!

Herbivore's Blue Tansy mask is one of my go to recommendations in treating acne beyond the basic salicylic acid route. White willow bark, a natural salicylic acid, gets into pores to clear out bacteria and other pore clogging gunk that throws your whole mood and life out of whack. The two forms of papaya extract and pineapple extract assists as more exfoliation for further Pac man style exfoliators. Blue tansy, which gives the mask it's signature deep blue-green, calms redness and irritation along with aloe to "gently decongest."

A slight tingle or cooling sensation is normal with this one upon first use as well! I usually recommend the True Blue duo to anyone on a budget or with commitment issues.

I had my eye on the Peach & Lily Super Reboot Resurfacing mask for ages and I finally invested in the midst of a hurricane last fall when there wasn't anything to do but shop online. This mask is brilliant at smoothing texture and fading discoloration. One of the top ingredients is glycolic acid followed by blue agave extract, for the ultimate pore clearing duo. There's also turmeric and licorice root extracts to brighten, centella asiatica extract to calm, and hyaluronic acid to hydrate. This is a stronger resurfacing mask to me whereas Blue Tansy is one step down. Nam Vo said once that she likes to sleep in this one. I haven't done it, but I only would for super resurfacing and deep cleaning.

I love, love both of these masks and would happily repurchase once I finish them, I've made a noticeable dent in the Peach & Lily one because I usually apply it from forehead to chin for a good clean. They're both light sensitive, so I recommend keeping them somewhere dark or with little light exposure, like under the sink, where I keep mine! If you have acne, raised texture, or a lack of resurfacing masks in your assortment, then I'd recommend either mask for you!

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