Birthdays and Presents

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Last Wednesday was my twentieth birthday. I'm finally twenty! It seems a bit surreal to be able to say I'm no longer a teenager, but I'm going to welcome this new decade of my life with open arms. Nothing monumental has changed, of course, but I did make some promises to myself with this new age - explore more, take advantage of things, and treat myself (within reason, of course).
As with birthday celebrations, I had the privilege of receiving presents from my friends. The biggest present I received was an Apple TV. In case you aren't familiar with this little black box of delight, it's a piece of hardware that you plug into your TV and then you're able to access things like your iTunes library directly on screen. You can play music, or watch movies or tv shows without having to subscribe or purchase anything. You can also watch Netflix/any of those online television streaming websites on it as well. Youtube, Vevo, and Vimeo are also available so you can pull up any video right on your TV. I was very excited about this and can't wait to keep playing with it!

Additionally, I received my first Alex & Ani bracelet from a family friend. The company is based in America, and the bracelet I received is gold and has a peridot charm that hangs off, which also happens to be my birthstone. It is so simple, pretty, and so me. I was so touched when I unwrapped it; I plan on wearing it all the time.

I also got some gift cards and whatnot, but the best part of the evening was having my best friends there with me to celebrate. I'm a person who loves to surround myself with my favorite people and just hang out and talk. And another bonus - my friends who live far away didn't forget either, and I was so glad to hear from them on my birthday, too. I had a wonderful twentieth birthday and look forward to my others, as I usually do.

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