My Favorite Nail Polishes - EVER!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Topshop nail polish has to be one of my favorite things in the world. And when I say that, I’m being totally serious. I have used many various brands throughout my life but I have to say Topshop holds the top spot.

Thanks to Nordstrom, Topshop’s pop-up shops have found a home – and I have been lucky enough to try out their polishes. Of course, since it’s based in the UK, they haven’t been able to ship their newest colors to the US. But I have been lucky enough to have a few friends who have traveled to London several times and they are nice enough to pick me up a bottle when they’re there.

The bottles are smaller than you would think, but honestly – who has ever really finished off a bottle of nail polish? I know I haven’t. For a size comparison, they are a bit smaller than Essie polishes. The packaging is another thing that makes this polish so appealing. The handle of the bottle features an off-white background with hand-drawn dots all over it.

Another plus is the range of colors to pick from. All of the colors are brighter than they may appear online or in a magazine. When I first got ‘Awol’ I thought it would be more of a royal blue, but it’s actually more of an electric blue, which I love. These polishes are some of the best quality as well; you really only need two coats and you’re set. But for some of the lighter colors – like ‘Beach Shack,’ a bright yellow – I would recommend three coats since they can be a bit streaky.

I really can’t say enough good things about these colors. Another added bonus – they are so affordable. They’re about as pricey as Essie’s polishes. If you live in the US, Nordstrom is the place to go, or even a real Topshop if you’re close. If you live in England, they’re in any Topshop but they are also popping up around the continent, like in Prague and Spain. These are definitely worth it and I hope you love them as much as I do!

Nails from left to right: Flying Saucer, Mannequin, Awol, Beach Shack, Air Kisses, Parma Violet, Obey,  Carnival, Pool Party, Celestial, and New Wave.

Have you ever used Topshop polish? What's your favorite shade? Hannah xx

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