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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

After a flash sale on the Body Shop’s website a couple weeks ago, I impulsively ordered some bath products to try them out. I am a lover of body wash and I’m always looking to try different brands. I decided to order two body washes and scrubs and so far I have been very pleased.
Mango Shower Gel – I’ve steadily become a fan of mango-scented things (and even mangoes themselves!). This shower gel smells so light and fresh – not at all like a chemically made mango in a bottle. It doesn’t lather up on my loofa as much as I’d like but it gets the job done.

Vineyard Peach Shower Gel – Peach is also a scent I enjoy in terms of personal body care. This shower gel smells just like a fresh peach that’s just been picked off a tree. It doesn’t lather up as much as the Mango shower gel as well. However, my skin does feel soft and clean afterwards as a result from using it.

Coconut Body Scrub – After smelling the coconut body butter I decided to take the chance on the body scrub. I can be picky on coconut scents because they can be too sweet to my nose, but this one isn’t too overwhelming. It smells just like a coconut and has a nice creamy texture. I used my fingers to scoop some out of the jar and spread it around my skin to exfoliate. The scrub does a good job of wiping away dead skin and other impurities while cleaning up your skin nicely in the process. And who doesn’t love smelling like coconuts?

Shea Body Scrub – I decided to go with the Shea Body Scrub since it is a best-seller on The Body Shop’s website, and I’ve never really tried anything Shea-scented. I love the scrubbing bits in it, and it smells amazing. After rubbing it onto my skin on my arm, my skin instantly acquired a nice softness.

Along with these minis, I’ve picked up a mini hand & body cream and a lip butter in The Body Shop’s Mango scent, and I am in love. Hand & Body Creams are becoming more of my pick now rather than lotion. This one makes your hands feel smooth and spreads around evenly (rather than one part of your hand feeling softer than the other). The lip butter is very creamy, smells amazing, and feels so good on your lips. These two items are definitely good to throw in your purse or travel bag for some on-the-go moisturizing.

Hannah xx

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