Eat, Read, The Comeback

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Sundays are meant for being lazy, right? Well, even though I had to work this Sunday, I had the pleasure of going out to breakfast with my mom. We tried going to a local place but due to the long wait time, we changed our course. We found ourselves at Southerly, a restaurant connected to Southern Season, which is a gourmet grocery store. I’ve been to Southerly for dinner in the past, before but never breakfast. After my visit this morning, I will definitely be back. After much deliberation, I ordered Housemade Cinnamon Raisin French Toast. I was only able to eat half of it even though it was amazing, but I left my to-go box on my table so I couldn't enjoy the rest at home! I guess this just means I’ll have to go back soon for another breakfast. They do have a lovely set up outside with lots of plants, a waterfall wall, and cushy booths for comfortable seating. Southerly is a great go-to for any meal with its expansive and delicious menu, definitely recommended. 


This novel is a sequel of sorts to the finale of the Divergent triology. Four is told in Four’s, the character, perspective. If you’ve never read Divergent (which I suggest you do), allow me to give you a brief summary. Set in a dystopian future, Tris Prior is a girl confined to her plain and selfless faction, Abnegation (factions are like groups/communities in which people belong). Upon going through her aptitude test, she doesn’t receive a faction that is best suited for her personality, completely unlike anyone else who takes the same test. Instead, she receives the result of something completely different: she is divergent. Being divergent is classified as someone extremely dangerous to Tris’ world. Divergent goes through Tris’ experience in realizing what her status actually means and living her life as a real teenager.

Of course, two more books follow DivergentInsurgent and Allegiant. Veronica Roth recently came out with Four and she has given the avid readers a glimpse into Four’s world before Tris and afterhe meets her. I read this whole book in one night. I thoroughly enjoyed it and wish Roth would go on in Four’s perspective because it helps the reader learn more about him and his backstory. 

//The Comeback//

642 Things to Write About, what a genius idea for a writing book. I first picked up this exciting little bugger during the fall of my freshman year of college. I grabbed it while thinking of my English course I was taking at the time and knew my professor would love it. I also loved its ingenious writing prompts throughout the book. They were so random, ranging from absolute silliness to complete seriousness. This book makes everyone's creative writing side think in a whole new way. I knew when I bought it that I couldn’t fill it up immediately, but it was comforting to know I could come back to it. Fast-forward two years later - it's back in my hands and I’m ready to see what my pen produces this time around. This book is a unique item to own and I think everyone who has an interest in writing, or need some aid in his or her writing, should pick this gem up. I’ve seen it available at Urban Outfitters and Barnes & Noble. There is also now a sequel and other variations if this original isn’t enough for you. 

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