NEW Chanel Eyeshadow Quads

Friday, August 1, 2014

Chanel has recently released eight new eye-shadow quads, all hitting stores within the last few weeks. I have been absolutely lusting over them since I first laid eyes on them.

These new quads will be replacing some of the older colors as well, so luckily these new ones won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

After debating on the wide range of colors in each quad, I finally settled on the “VĂ©nitien” quad. It is definitely out of my comfort zone in terms of what I usually wear on my eyes, but it’s beautiful enough that I know I will grow to love it. 

Along with the compact, the quad comes with a little book that has suggestions for eye looks you can try on yourself. I have already tried one and I was very pleased with the outcome.

Shade A, the light pink highlighter color, is the best for doing in your inner corners. I feel like it could also work on your brow bone.

Shade B, the lighter green ombre shade, goes on wonderfully and is most ideal for the outer corner, but it can be used in other ways.

Shade C, the silver/gold ombre shade, is my favorite in the quad. When light hits it, you can see flecks of different colors in the shade. I used it all over my lid and definitely made my eyes pop.

Shade D, the dark mossy green color, is superb for applying near your lash line, outer corner, or crease.

These colors are definitely worth the money. The applicators that come with the quad are strongly recommended to purchase alongside everything – and I agree. But don’t feel like you can’t use your own loose makeup brush!

I am so happy with my eye shadow quad – enough to make it my early birthday present to myself! I can’t wait to use it even more and play around with the colors.

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