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Friday, July 5, 2019

Aside from the shopping I did in New York, I went off in London. I hadn't treated myself to quite a haul in a long time (actually probably never). I touched down in London with a carefully curated list, because that's how I am. I know I filmed two videos for IGTV showing everything I bought but I also wanted to write a post adding onto what I filmed (with links!).

I went to Selfridges first where I strolled around the Beauty Hall for ages enjoying myself. At one point, I came across a Korres display, which I always enjoy checking out because we don't carry everything in the States. I was really intrigued by their body washes because body washes are my favorite thing and I'll treat myself to a body wash before I buy a body lotion. I didn't end up getting anything in Selfridges (why I don't know) but the experience is always worth it.

After Selfridges, I went to Liberty to explore and wonder through the exquisite floors of the iconic department store. I love Liberty because of their unique taste and style while also carrying beauty brands I know and love. I found a massive Korres display up in their bath department and had a proper sniff there. We're talking overwhelmed with options here. I ended up purchasing the Neroli Iris and Bellflower, Tangerine, and Pink Pepper body washes.

While in London, I had my first experience in SpaceNK, which went exactly how I thought it'd go. SpaceNK is like BlueMercury and Cos Bar in America. An upscale beauty boutique where no one speaks to you unless you speak first. I saw familiar brands and even played with some bits from Kevyn Acoin because he's hard to find in Charleston. But the true star of the show, and probably my favorite thing I picked up in London, was this makeup bag. I'd seen a couple of the Youtubers I follow get them and I was in love with them. It's as simple as it looks. Clear, zipped closure and it holds more than you'd think. I've loved it so far and it made getting through the Heathrow and Charlotte airports a breeze.

One day I ventured out to Covent Garden and Seven Dials. Covent Garden's known for their beauty boutiques to brands like Dior, MAC, and Charlotte Tilbury. Charlotte's Beauty Wonderland is an exclusive shop to experience her whole world of makeup in person. It's so Charlotte and picturesque. I happened to be in London when she launched her Hot Lips 2 collection, an assortment inspired by notable women. I ended up getting In Love With Olivia, a warm pink neutral inspired by Olivia Palermo. It's warmer than my usual favorite Pillowtalk.

Along with being in the Seven Dials area, I popped into Neal's Yard Remedies, a skincare brand that I wanted to see for myself. I was impressed with the products but nothing truly caught my eye. I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you're in London though! Beauty aside, I went into Skinny Dip London, an accessories brand known for their great products. My favorite peach phone case came from there and on this trip I picked up another phone case covered in fruit.

After Skinny Dip, I went into & Other Stories for the first time. Again, a couple of the Youtubers I follow adore this shop so I couldn't wait to see it for myself. I fell in love immediately. I by passed the clothes, even though they were cute (but expensive). Their jewelry was exactly my taste: simple, refined, and well priced. I ended up getting some earrings, a ring, and a scrunchie. I've always wanted a scrunchie since they came back in style so I figured why not get one no one else has? Their makeup is actually great quality as well because I almost bought a blush and picked up two eyeshadows for my mom.

When it comes to drugstores, there's just something about exploring Boots and Superdrug in London. Their drugstores are similar to ours but they carry different stuff which is what makes them so enjoyable to wonder through. I didn't pick up anything in Boots for myself but in Superdrug I went to see Zoe Sugg's last beauty collection, Fruits. I decided to pick up the Berry Crush body scrub and the Peach body sorbet.

I also went to Primark for the first time, a shop similar to Forever 21 and H&M because of its low prices and large selection of just about everything. I mainly went because of watching Nadine Baggott's videos on what she would buy in certain shops and Alex Steinherr's affordable but clean skincare line. Alex has a wide range of skincare but I'm selective when it comes to trying new brands. So while in Primark, I picked up the Low-pH Sulfate Free Cleanser, Pore Balance Super Detox Clay Mousse Face Mask, Pollution Solution Dual Texture Exfoliating Pads, and the Plump n' Glow Two Step Sheet Mask. She also brought out her own version of acne stickers at only 3 pounds. If you're ever in London, I highly encourage you to check out her products because on first impressions, I'm pleased!

Because I have the best friends ever and we're all beauty obsessed, Fran kindly gave me my first Kevyn Acoin goodies! I now have the Volume Mascara (which my friend Indi swears by for bottom lashes), the Emphasize Eyeshadow palette in Magnify, and the Glass Glow Lip Gloss in Prism Rose (which I've already fallen in love with!!). She also kindly gave me a mini Caudalie Vinoperfect Brightening Glycolic Essence which I've always wanted to try. Since I stayed with Indi, naturally I brought her some things and she sent me home with some as well! She gave me her Glow Recipe Blueberry Bounce Cleanser since it was drying her out, Go-To skincare Transformazing sheet masks, and a set of lavender scented body care all the way from Australia.

If you made it through this whole list then congratulations! Hopefully this gives you some insight into what I purchased and how and why I did. I still have a list in my mind of other things I'd like but I'm lucky enough to have a great collection of products that will last me forever.


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