Glossier Showroom | NYC 2019

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Other than meeting a friend for the first time, going to the Glossier Showroom was on my to do list during my four hours in New York City. I'd dreamed about seeing the showroom in person since it's reopening last year and let me tell you, it's everything I've seen on Instagram for aaages.

Glossier has this reputation for being the Millennial brand because of its products and brand aesthetic and honestly, that's what it is because being in that showroom was so pleasing and enjoyable to my Millennial self. I don't usually buy into that kind of stuff but the soft peachy tan walls and displays along with the softly lit bathroom filled with mock-Glossier products was everything I'd want in my own dream bathroom.


All the products were displayed and grouped on tables throughout the room, giving shoppers the chance to play and test everything. I was really surprised by how clean the testers were and how the sample tools were well stocked everywhere. Since it was New York City, and I'm sure hundreds pass through the fog glass doors every day, I figured the place would be dirty and ransacked, but it wasn't!

My friend Francesca, blogging and lipstick-wearing legend, and I spent only about a half hour here taking it all in and it didn't take us long to figure out what we needed to buy. We ended up chatting to a really nice employee who was rocking the signature jumpsuit and holding an iPad, ready to select everything we wanted. I ended up picking up other products for friends but I walked away with a Coconut Balm Dot Com for myself. Did I need one? No. But how could I resist the tropical vacation scent of Coconut? And it matches my current Mango Balm Dot Com so yolo.

We picked up our orders around the corner where they were packaged in the signature pink bubble wrap pouches that I love and then put in a clear Glossier bag that you know I kept. We couldn't resist taking selfies in the various mirrors around the room before we decided to leave.

Glossier gives the best experience and I definitely could have stayed longer but at the same time, I got everything I needed and wanted to see.

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