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Friday, July 19, 2019

The inner blogger in me took over whenever I sat down in a cafe or a restaurant in London. Part of me documented my food for my own amusement but also for this blog. I wanted to share everything I ate/saw/did across four days in one of my favorite places. I didn't get to all my favorite places but I did make it to some of them and some new places!

One morning, my friend Indi that I stayed with took me to a restaurant in Parsons Green called Megan's by the Green, but everyone just calls it Megan's. It was so laid back and cute on the inside, I instantly loved it. It had greenery laced across the ceiling throughout the ceiling and a bar you could see through to where the cooks were doing their thing in the back. Since it was the middle of the morning hour, it was quite quiet. I ordered avocado on toast with a side of scrambled eggs. The avocado on toast wasn't the best I'd ever had because the avocado tasted weird and the toast was some multigrain healthy bread that just wasn't my cup of tea. But my eggs were just as amazing as my iced vanilla latte that I ordered too. Out of it all, I'm still thinking about that latte. I'd definitely go back one day or even to one of their other sister restaurants!

On my first trip to Shoreditch, I visited Soft Serve Society, an ice cream place begging to be photographed and shared on Instagram in Box Park. Box Park was super cool because it was a strip of shops and restaurants that were essentially stalls (or boxes) for people to mill in and out of. I ordered the Oh Snap! This shit was life changing. Let me describe it to you: vanilla soft serve in a salted caramel sauce with a shot of espresso thrown in and topped off with graham cracker crumbs and a waffle. Y'all, y'alllllll I'm still thinking about this! I even sent my mom a picture just to make her green with envy all the way in America. I loved Soft Serve Society and would 100% go back just for the ice cream.

One of my main things to do in London was revisit one of my favorite restaurants and eat one of my favorite meals ever. This is basically a love letter to the Ricotta Hotcakes at Granger & Co. I first had them on my first trip to London at their Notting Hill location. This time however, I visited their spot in Sloane Square. I felt right at home around their contemporary interiors and even more at peace with an iced vanilla latte and my beloved Ricotta Hotcakes. They were just as magnificent as before and I still miss them to this day. I'll return soon Granger & Co., love u.

Being the coffee shop queen I am, I had a list for those too. Monmouth Coffee has been on my list for over two years. Located next to Covent Garden in the adorable Seven Dials, it's a tiny narrow place that doesn't allow photos inside (but there's simply no room for them either). Without an Instagram to stalk, just Google them and glance through the photos. That'll show you all you need to know! They don't do any sort of flavors at Monmouth, only hot or iced coffee or espresso. For some reason I really appreciated this and happily ordered an iced latte. It was on the short side too (no Starbucks sizes here) and amazing. I would absolutely go back just for the experience and the coffee itself! The interior is cozy and would make any woodworker's dreams come true (also the Kiehl's store next door, hello!).

Following my coffee shop trend, I stumbled upon a fairly new place in Kensington called Cafe Jumo. Just off the High Street, Cafe Jumo caught my attention on Instagram purely because of their interiors and the appeal of their menu. On the smaller and cozier side, I spent one of my last afternoons in here. With a handwritten sign saying, "No laptops on the weekend please," I was already in love. I settled in with an iced latte with coconut milk because again, no syrups to be found here! Some of the kindest people work here and the tiled counter and plant wall are calling me back right now!

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