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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I live for concerts. The thrill of anticipation and excitement in the air, the feeling of joint unity between concert goers, and the passion of singing along to memorized songs from albums upon albums. I felt all of this when it was finally time for me to see One Direction again. This was my third time seeing the band, the first time being in 2012 in Atlanta and second time being in Raleigh last year. I had a blast at the previous two, but I think this show, only one of the 65 shows that have taken One Direction all around the world (again), was one of my favorites.

This tour has brought One Direction to massive stadiums all over the world, but for shows in places like Tulsa, Oklahoma and Charlotte, North Carolina (the one I attended), the venue was on a smaller scale. It was a two-day stand held in an outdoor amphitheater with a capacity of 18,000 people. The place was packed, as usual, with thousands of girls everywhere.

After my friend Grace finally arrived, we sprinted inside and waited on the edge of our seats for the opening act. 5 Seconds of Summer is a returning opening act for One Direction, having opened and been introduced to the world on the internationally sold out Take Me Home tour last year. I did enjoy their set and they made the crowd laugh a lot, especially when Michael, the currently tomato haired guitarist had to tie his shoe and begged Calum, the other guitarist, to wait for him. Finally they finished and I had to wait another hour alongside Grace and more fans for the long-awaited boy band.

We were left waiting a little bit longer than planned, but finally, the place went dark, screens lit up and One Direction appeared on the screens. Their intro featured them all traveling around the world and navigating themselves across different terrains. Naturally, I almost lost my mind. Finally five familiar forms emerged onto a small back stage, opening the show with ‘Midnight Memories’ and progressing straight on through.

Along with the singing, of course, comes banter and acting like the usual rowdy boys One Direction are. Highlights included Louis untying Liam’s shoes during ‘Little Things,’ a pink cowboy hat continually ending up on Niall’s head, and Harry finding a banana suit then proceeding to put it on and dance around. The show was crazy, energetic, and the way I would have expected a One Direction concert to be. The boys themselves even said Charlotte was the loudest so far on the North America leg, which is something I’m quite proud of.

I do hope the boys will announce the North America leg of the upcoming 2015 On The Road Again tour, even after Liam slightly hinted at the possibility. But for now, I will be listening to the boys’ new single ‘Steal My Girl’ on repeat while I wait for Four, One Direction’s fourth album that comes out in November.

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