Victoria's Secret Lasting Touch Fragrance Cream

Friday, October 10, 2014

There is a new product on the market that makes my hands feel amazing and is so worth purchasing. This cream is a new arrival in the wide selection of Victoria’s Secret lotions, hand & body creams, and body butters. The Lasting Touch Fragrance Cream feels like satin on the hands. A pea-sized amount is all that you need to cover and rub into your skin, then Ah! This cream has a patented formula that acts like a primer for the skin before the wearer puts on her perfume. It will help the perfume last longer and keep the scent nice and fresh. I loved how it made my hands feel afterwards I knew I had to have one (two).

The cream comes in Victoria’s Secret’s top three fragrances, Bombshell, Heavenly, and Noir Tease. I chose Bombshell after much deliberation. With notes of Purple Passion Fruit, Shangri-La Pear, and Vanilla Orchid, Bombshell has that sweet smell with a hint of spice. Which is what a true real life Bombshell would be. Recently I added Noir Tease to my collection. This scent is for the ones who want a sweet scent with a touch of mystery. The notes of Black Vanilla, Frozen Pear, and Blooming Gardenia make up this company’s best selling perfume. Heavenly, the number one selling perfume in America at one point is made up of White musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla, and White Peony. Heavenly is the scent made for women who don’t want that sweet smell on their skin but still feel feminine and pretty while wearing Heavenly.

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